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Relational Vampires - Control

Question: How is it possible to obey our King’s command to love everyone, including those who drain the joy out of our lives?

Key Scripture : Matthew 16

1st Point: Know what you are CALLED to :

  • Jesus' calling was clear
  • Triple C's: C_______ C_________ C__________

Important Takeaway: Define what you are called to do

2nd Point: Know when someone is trying to control you

Q: Was Peter an evil man?

  1. Peter put his desires/plan over God plan
  2. Peter didn't understand the plan

Recognize how controlling people act:

Guilt, threaten, take you aside.

3rd Point: Know when to draw a line in the sand:

What is Co-Dependence?

The moment you give control to someone else,

someone else directing & it is no longer God leading.

Concerns of God vs Concerns of Man